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Deep Diver Specialty Course

Deep Diver Specialty Course

Deep Diver Specialty Course

Duration: 2 days.
Number of dives: 4.
Maximum depth: 40 meters.
Prerequisite: Advance Open Water.
Location: St George island-Ampitheatre-Zenobia Wreck.

  • Training manual.
  • Lifetime plastic diver’s ID card.
  • Diver insurance (DAN).
  • Full equipment rental.
  • Free transportation.
  • Free photos.
  • Lunch-Snacks-Drinks.

The Deep Diver course offers you a lifetime opportunity of going a deep journey that others can only dream about. In this course you will experience the feeling of how it’s diving like beyond the 40 meters. Down there is very different but in order to have that opportunity you need additional training. Here, you can get it! You can train by reviewing the reasons of deep diving and acknowledge your personal limits. During four deep dives with your instructor you will go over:

  • Specialized deep diving equipment.
  • Deep dive planning, buddy contact procedures and buoyancy control.
  • Managing your gas supply, dealing with gas narcosis and safety considerations.

€ 260

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Course : Deep Diver Specialty Course

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